Analysing the Offices of Our Favourite TV Shows

3 thoughts on “Analysing the Offices of Our Favourite TV Shows”

  1. I like your article, and I’d like to offer an observation on your Game of Thrones Great Hall:Small Council room comparison. In the 3rd season, Tywin Lannister, the Hand of the King, began holding the small council in his private chambers in the remote Tower of the Hand. This made it inconvenient for the king to attend, since previously the small council chamber was near the throne room.

    This was a bold move from Tywin, essentially saying that all power and legitimate authority came from the Hand, not the king, which I felt was a bad move on Tywin’s part, since Joffrey needed as much of the trappings of authority as he could get, since his illegitimacy was being discussed openly across the kingdoms.

    Anyway, it might be interesting to examine Tywin’s chambers where he conducted business with a similar architectural analysis.

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    1. Thanks! That’s a really interesting point. Not only is it more difficult for the king to attend, but also being in his private chambers gives him ownership of the space where these meetings are held, thus giving him more authority over the outcome of the meetings. When a team meets, it seems, how comfortable people feel in the space will change how much they contribute. We often see this where managers will always hold meetings in their office. I can see a whole other post on this…

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