Capture Your Ideas

This is a post I write for myself as much as any other reason. I once tried to keep a dream journal. Frequently I would wake up, vivid images of my dream from the night before resonating in my head. I won’t bother writing this down, I can remember it too clearly. Sure enough, moments … Continue reading Capture Your Ideas

Do Other People Decide if You’re “Creative” or Not?

Many people would know that Charles Darwin is credited with describing the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection in his landmark work, The Origin of Species. Surely, one can say this was a very creative theory. Not only did it challenge current beliefs, but was based on the analysis and synthesis of several distant concepts. … Continue reading Do Other People Decide if You’re “Creative” or Not?

How to Doubt and Question Without Creating Fear in the Workplace

In his book, The Art of Creative Thinking, Rod Judkins, in advising how to strengthen creative thought, says “Doubt Everything.” I certainly don’t disagree. Doubting everything, especially things others assume to be true, is a great way of finding fresh ideas and new takes on old problems. However, with most pieces of advice regarding creativity, … Continue reading How to Doubt and Question Without Creating Fear in the Workplace

Making Mistakes

I am not the first person to say this and, to be honest, it has been said enough times by enough people that it no longer feels like it must be proven. Our society regards being wrong in a negative way. Most of us are brought up like this, with big red X’s when we … Continue reading Making Mistakes

About Richard Branson’s Tips on Generating Ideas

I read this article by Richard Branson here. Pretty straightforward: some tips on generating new ideas from one of the most successful entreprenuers. Upon reading the ideas presented in this article, something very clear was being said. The tips are summarised thusly: Start conversations on social media. Comments you generate can lead to inspiration. Reading and … Continue reading About Richard Branson’s Tips on Generating Ideas

Creativity by Computers

There was recently an interesting article here, about Artificial Intelligence recognizing creativity. Researchers at Rutgers University have developed an algorithm that can assess the creativity shown in a painting and accurately predict the level of value our society has placed on it. The big statement this is making is that we can quantifiably measure creative works. … Continue reading Creativity by Computers