A Major Office Design Frustration

This is something that is done so ubiquitously that it might seem strange to even discuss or question it. When we really think about it, however, it is clear that this common office layout technique only exists for one reason: space efficiency. While, yes, commercial office yields have been going up (depending on what part … Continue reading A Major Office Design Frustration

Capture Your Ideas

This is a post I write for myself as much as any other reason. I once tried to keep a dream journal. Frequently I would wake up, vivid images of my dream from the night before resonating in my head. I won’t bother writing this down, I can remember it too clearly. Sure enough, moments … Continue reading Capture Your Ideas

Is Beautiful Space Always Creative Space?

There was a recent article in the Australian Financial Review where the writer described an informal tour / interview with Tyler Brulé, editor-in-chief of the Monocle publication, of the Monocle offices. The writer described Brulé’s unrelenting attention to detail and almost tyrannical control over the visual landscape of the offices – going so far as … Continue reading Is Beautiful Space Always Creative Space?