Creative Office Examples: A Variety of Spaces

One of the items that frequently comes up when considering shaping your environment for creativity is having a variety of distinct and defined spaces to occupy. The low-down is simple: a variety of spaces inspire a variety of modes of thinking and a variety of activities. This is about the creative process itself and it is also … Continue reading Creative Office Examples: A Variety of Spaces

Privacy and Creativity

A series of articles in a recent Harvard Business Review discusses the balance between transparency and privacy in offices. This issue is of particular importance to offices in creative industries because the work process can be a lot more fragile and sometimes personal. Although not about architecture or architectural offices these articles seemed to hit … Continue reading Privacy and Creativity

Is Beautiful Space Always Creative Space?

There was a recent article in the Australian Financial Review where the writer described an informal tour / interview with Tyler Brulé, editor-in-chief of the Monocle publication, of the Monocle offices. The writer described Brulé’s unrelenting attention to detail and almost tyrannical control over the visual landscape of the offices – going so far as … Continue reading Is Beautiful Space Always Creative Space?