Creative Office Examples: A Variety of Spaces

One of the items that frequently comes up when considering shaping your environment for creativity is having a variety of distinct and defined spaces to occupy. The low-down is simple: a variety of spaces inspire a variety of modes of thinking and a variety of activities. This is about the creative process itself and it is also … Continue reading Creative Office Examples: A Variety of Spaces

Learning from the Creative Industries

Disclaimer: Well, isn’t every industry creative? Yes. For the purposes of this discussion, however, I am talking about the traditional (and incorrect, I believe) label of “creative businesses.” In this context, it is referring to sectors such as design, architecture, fashion, art, media and communications, etc. While “creative businesses” worry about how rigid management procedures can damage … Continue reading Learning from the Creative Industries

Privacy and Creativity

A series of articles in a recent Harvard Business Review discusses the balance between transparency and privacy in offices. This issue is of particular importance to offices in creative industries because the work process can be a lot more fragile and sometimes personal. Although not about architecture or architectural offices these articles seemed to hit … Continue reading Privacy and Creativity