Making Mistakes

I am not the first person to say this and, to be honest, it has been said enough times by enough people that it no longer feels like it must be proven. Our society regards being wrong in a negative way. Most of us are brought up like this, with big red X’s when we … Continue reading Making Mistakes

On How Easily Segregation Can Occur

For there to be segregation, there usually has to be some communication of segregation. This communication is often, based on its message, damaging to relationships and therefore damaging to freedom and collaboration – two very important ingredients for creativity. Unfortunately, segregation can occur from very subtle factors. This is because segregation is a term that … Continue reading On How Easily Segregation Can Occur

Privacy and Creativity

A series of articles in a recent Harvard Business Review discusses the balance between transparency and privacy in offices. This issue is of particular importance to offices in creative industries because the work process can be a lot more fragile and sometimes personal. Although not about architecture or architectural offices these articles seemed to hit … Continue reading Privacy and Creativity